Nairapacket is an exciting, interacting and easy to use mobile application, with feature that transform your smart phone into a one app gadget with multifunctions for gaming, instant message and transfer of valued digital items.


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Connect with friends and family on group

It compliments other features in the App by enhancing the user experience such that a user can join or be invited to join the group chat, and have access to create a basket or participate by donating to a basket created, the user can also receive and send envelopes,cakes and can also be part of a game in the app.

Digital Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has never been easy!.

Contribution philantropy,church, mosque or mass, collection and donation of funds made easy. Introduction digital basket powered by Nairapacket.


Digital Envelopes

You can now send a value gift to friends and family.

It introduces you to world where distribution of funds for salaries, transactions , bonuses and one on one exchange can be done with ease

Enables a user share packet values amongst themselves (other users of NairaPacket app) it could also be used as give away prices for radio and TV program, the envelope could also be used to fulfil the pledge to someone that rendered a service or gave you goods or any other physical item.

NairaPacket Cake and FLower

Send valued cake and flower this season.

Flowers with value are finally here, introducing Nairapacket flowers helping to put smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and weddings is now fun. with Nairapacket cakes.Digital cakes with physical value.


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Disrupting the financial-payment system via mobile gaming as a fun and rewarding system that motivates users to store money in digital form.

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    Create an Account

    Download Naira Packet from the mobile phone app store; install on your mobile phone create an account with your phone number and email address and start transacting at your convenience.

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    Share with friends

    Invite your Friends and family to enjoy this amazing features of Naira Packet: {send envelopes, receive envelopes, cakes, flowers and baskets}

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    Start sending envelopes and receiving basket

    Start sending and receiving envelope, create a group or {join a group; create a basket to receive funds and fund it, receive digital cakes and flowers and enjoy transacting at your convenience.}


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Sure, Yes you can!

What payment methods do you accept when i want to fund my account?

Visit the Google playstore and download the nairapacket app. Sign up with a secure pin and begin to share money with like never before. Quick, join the family.

How do I play nairapacket game?

Nairapacket game is an exciting way to share money with people you love and a perfect way to get a conversation started with a stranger. It’s a sure way to get people talking in a group. Like every other game, nairapacket game is an activity whose winner and loser are influenced by chance. To play;Select game packet,Enter packet value Select your lucky numbers from 0 – 9. You can select minimum of one lucky number and maximum of three. Lucky numbers increase your chance of winning. Enter how many people you want to play with, (this would not be required outside group chats) Send packet.

How does the game works?

Whoever picks a game packet – picker, is interested in winning the money allotted by the person who throws a packet – thrower. When a packet is picked, the picker either gains a fraction of the allotted amount from the thrower or loses a fraction of the allotted amount to the thrower. The division of fund is totally rested on a computer algorithm without human influence. The total amount of funds won and lost rest solely with the thrower and the picker. Nairapacket has no right to the allotted amount except for service charge where applicable.

Why do i need a pin?

In order to prevent unauthorized users.

is NairaPacket safe and secure?

Your security and privacy are our utmost concern. We do not store your financial information. Financial information is handled by an independent and secure integrator with formidable security standards. You also create a four-digit PIN on sign up. This PIN will be used to authorize 'sensitive' transactions involving debit. E.g. funds transfer and payment. This ensures your money is always safe even if your phone gets stolen.

is NairaPacket free?

Currently, using nairapacket is free for the beta testing period. Nairapacket has the obligation to inform users before convenience fees begin to apply.

Does NairaPacket support bank?

Yes, you can add packet value to Nairapacket app from a bank account, via bank deposit, or ATM card.

How do I add packet value to my nairapacket app?

You can add packet value to your Nairapacket app through a bank transfer done by filling a deposit teller in the bank or through your debit/ATM card.

How do I withdraw packet balance into my bank account??

Fill and submit the withdrawal form on the nairapacket app to credit your bank account.

Download Anywhere

Available presently on android.

P.O.BOX 398, General Post Office, Akure Nigeria.